Financial stability must be first to establish, and having a good relation and good health in making our life balance

Marilou Enojales

I believe I have a message to tell the world, so I created the Website. It's all about the importance on building financial stability so you have enough money to support your family, enjoy your life and bless the world.  And stressing the importance of your good health and your good relation in making your life a purpose. 

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Hi! I'm Marilou Enojales, I'm an Overseas Filipino Worker(OFW) for twelve years, and last March I went home to be with my Family. Over the years of working abroad, I realized it was your finances should be the first to establish. I want to evangelize fellow OFW regardless the importance of finances, relation & good health in making our life balance. So, join my adventure, as I go through the exciting; practical ways in creating our life meaning.