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7 Steps To Awaken Your Financial Genius

To getting started to your Financial Freedom is not easy. It requires discipline, courage & self-determination.  But I firmly believe that every individual has their Financial genius, but it remains asleep perhaps, due to the cultural factors that we get to our family. My Parents is responsible, they work hard to earn a living & brought us to school. They often admonished me to finish studying so that I can land a good job that gives me a good compensation, though it's not bad but later in my life when I began to study about financial literacy I realized that my parents teaching is to work for money. 

How I came up to awaken my Financial Genius? And if you want, you can apply it too.    

1. Know Your Greater Purpose

I write my 100 emotional reason why? I want & don't want on a paper, I place it in front of my drawer. I read it, and it fuels me to get started & to be decipline. So why 100 reasons? because 100 reasons is more effective than 10 reasons.  And it's easy for you to get started if you have a compelling emotional reasons.  One of my emotional reason is that I want to spent more time to my father while working & earning at home. I want to have time & financial freedom. I want to work on my flexible time. What is yours?
2. The Power of Choice
​What I choose daily, to be poor, to be in middle class or to be rich? The amount of money you recieve you have a power of choice on how you use it. Like me, the moment I recieve my salary, I set aside a portion of my education & investment, a portion to tithe, a portion to give my family & whatever is left is my expenses. What is your choice? harder at the beginning & become easier at the end? or easier at the beginning but become harder at the end?
3. I Surround Myself with people that I have the same Interest 
I surround myself with people that have the same interest, I joined Facebook groups & forums that talks about money.  I talk to them, in that way I learned from them how they manage their hard earned money. Read books to gain more knowledge & wisdom.

4. Learn New Skills

Mastering a formula is like making a dough, it has a recipe to be follow.  Like me when I first learned  Facebook Advertising, I am happy I collect email list, doing it again until dive in to learn about Facebook retargetting , blog monitization,creating a landing page, how to send email series & email list building.  I realized then, that when you start the first step another step will open to you.  And with my persistant to learn new things, I earn extra income on it.

5. Pay Yourself First

​The word Pay Yourself First is came from the book The Richest Man In Babylon by: George S. Clason. This step is hard to follow if you don't have enough decipline to do it. It's easy only to say but it's hard to act. I commit to pay myself first & look at it as my obligation, and if Im about to tempt not to do this, I look over my 100 emotional reason why, and I ask to myself  why I start doing this? 

​6.  Need For Hero/Idol

​The need to be a hero is essential, so you can duplicate their footprints.  Bo Sanchez is my hero in stock market investing. I follow his blog read many of his book  then I invest Stock Market.  Francisco Colayco, Robert Kiyosaki is my hero I read their books & listen their talks. I have also a hero in Internet Marketing,  like Jomar Hilario  he teaches me on how to work at home to earn dollar. In every aspect of life that you want to improve you need to have a hero to follow & duplicate them. 

7. Teach & You shall Recieve

I believe in the "Law of Reciprocity ​" whatever you give the universe will be given back to you. That's why I believe in tihting. If I learn new things I share it to my friend who is willing to learn, it's a win win situation I teach then I learn more.    



Don't Let Stealer Steal Your Dreams!

Hey there!!! Just sharing to you this simple yet inspiring story of a young boy.

I heard this story from Chinkee Tan, on his live video on Facebook. The story goes like this.​​

​In the class of Grade III pupils, the teacher asked the pupils to draw something that they want to have when they grow up. The young boy drew on the piece of a paper a Big Ranch with cattle's horses, pigs, chicken etc. And when he submitted the drawing to his teacher.​

​The teacher told the young boy, "this is such a nice drawing", but you cannot afford this because your grandfather is poor, your father is poor. You better change this drawing or else I'II give you a Zero grade.

The young boy went home, sad and talked to his Father."Father, this is what I wanna have but unfortunately we're poor. My teacher said we cannot afford this. If I don't change this, she will give me a failing grade. What do I need to do?" And the father replied to his son and said "Son, it's your dream, it's up to you"

The following day...

This young boy submitted the same piece of drawing. When the teacher saw the drawing, the teacher then said "Are you testing my patience? it's either you change this drawing or I will give you a ZERO"​

And you know what the young boy said? "Ma'am, you can give me a zero but I'll keep my dreams"

​After 20 years, the teacher was still a teacher. They went on a field trip. They went on a bus ride. Then they went on a Ranch. When they arrived the Ranch, she was the last one to akyat on the bus. Suddenly there was a young, good looking man, chasing after her, calling, "Teacher! teacher..."

​The teacher turned around and said "Sino ka?" And the young man said, "Hindi po ako sinuka, tao po ako.. Ma'am can't you remember me? I was the young boy, I was the boy who drew the Ranch, this is my Ranch, these are my cattles, these are my horses, these are the pigs..." and while he was talking. The teacher suddenly remembered who this young boy, who this young man was...

Then unconsciously, tears started rolling down her cheeks and said, "Young man, I've been teaching for over 20 years. I've been stealing dreams and visions from young children just like you. It's a good thing you fought for yours."​

Own your dreams nobody can control you its only you. We have only two choices either the pain of the road to success or the pain of being hunted in regrets.

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