About Me


I'm Marilou Enojales, I'm an OFW for a decade, on last March 2017 I took off my OFW hat and went back home. I'm currently working as a Freelance Virtual Assistant, while enjoying my time in developing my personal growth in Toastmaster Club.

Before, I didn't know about financial management all I knew was I had a salary to sustain my livings, and a salary to send in the Philippines. Nobody admonished me to save. It was a shocking realization I had, when I came across of Bo Sanchez blog about Financial Literacy. 

The blog painting out what might happen to me in the future if I didn't act to change my finances. From then on, I embarked myself to build my finances, with blogs and financial books I took a small steps at a time, I did save from my salary and invest for my future.

I'm inspired to properly manage my finances because over the years of working abroad I realized it was financial stability must first to establish. And acquiring financial stability should be first come from your mindset and it manifest from your actions.

On this site I'm sharing also the importance of good relation and good health in making our life balance, dahil para saan ang pinaghihirapan mong kayod sa ibang bansa kung walang patutunguhan?

I'm an adventurous person, I love nature I oftentimes ride my bicycle every morning to remove stress and keep me healthy. I also love to cook; I cook on special occasion and on my spare time at home. I'm aspiring wanna be speaker because I believe I have a words to share and inspire others.

So take an adventure time in exploring my siteā€¦.